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Unity Building Investment

Universal Basic Income

Most people have heard the term KISS as a "how to approach" for any given task. My take on the term is Keep It Seriously Simple, which is how I describe the artistic style of my Thoughtstrip. This brief article is my KISS for UBI.

My first recollection of Universal Basic Income is Andrew Yang's Freedom Dividend. Based on the disastrous phonetic blunder of Hillary Clinton's campaign slogan "Love Trumps Hate" which actually implores everyone to "Love Trump's Hate", I sent Andrew's campaign a recommendation to change from "Free Dumb Dividend" to "Liberty Dividend".

Since then it has simply become known as UBI or back to the acronymic origin. Yet based on the vastly unifying effects of the Universal Basic Income, I decided to coin a new phrase and change the acronymic source to "Unity Building Investment". For it is absolutely the only policy proposal that actually promotes a truly United States of America—possibly for the duration of the nation. Practically everything else is just a solidification of segregation. The CARES Act, Heroes Act, Welfare, Unemployment Insurance, Food Stamps, Reparations, Paying Off Student Loans, Tax Laws, Inflation ~ all a consistent and systematic promotion and affirmative action that we must remain a segregated and divided nation of unequals. We The People Matter.

An interesting thing happens when a great idea makes its way into the halls of politics. It has the tendency to become extremely convoluted, complex, earmarked, polluted, contaminated, diseased, and ultimately distorted into something that fails to reach the true mark of its clear aim.

UBI is a truly beautiful and elegant solution for helping to create a more balanced, robust and positively based economy. For the Unity Building Investment to be effective it must remain simple to implement, and it must create more clarity through the elimination of existing complexities.

Even though many of the top money players continue to keep the blinders on and refuse to see the big multidimensional picture, UBI will ultimately pay for itself by creating an exponentially blossoming economy. A national economy only does well when wealth is moving and flowing throughout the reaches of its existence. Therefore money must flow through all hands in relative abundance. Wealth flowing through only a few hands is a proven way to kill a country.





Keeping UBI simple is the key to its beauty and imperative for its fortitude. Here is how to save the UBI, the US of A, and ultimately the World.

* Monthly Payment, not taxed, and the same for every recipient. A good determining factor for dollar amount could be the tax free annual gift amount, and should never be decreased and only increased. The only fathomable way for any decrease would be that inflation is miraculously halted and reversed. Therefore a good starting point is $1,250 per month which is comparable to an annual non taxed gift of $15,000.

* Only issue a Unity Building Investment to United States Citizens who have attained twenty one years of age. No one under the age of 21 years should receive UBI.

* No additional payments for children or anyone under 21 years of age.

* No additional payments for pets.

* No additional payments whatsoever. Any additional payments may be obtained by accessing certain charity programs, family, and/or friends or the many employment opportunities that currently exist and will surely develop.

* Eliminate all segregating policies, such as; The Heroes Act, The CARES Act, Unemployment Insurance, Reparations, Student Loan Payoffs, Welfare, Food Stamps. All revenue and existing funds for eliminated programs will go into the UBI Fund.

* Social Security is a Unifying Policy and should not be eliminated.

* Zero Fee Based Direct Deposit Accounts only; no gift cards, no debit cards, no checks. UBI Accounts should remain a federal deposit only account for each recipient that may be linked to other accounts belonging to the individual for out transfers, and not accessible by debt collectors.

* Utilize Multi State Lottery revenue portions set aside for charities and other non expenditures.

* Eliminate all Acts issued as bailouts for all companies or wealthy individuals or clubs and the like. Those can be handled via bankruptcy courts. And the trillions of dollars consistently used for bailing out the wealthy should be placed into the UBI Fund. With a successful UBI the wealthy will continue to be wealthy.

* Solidify the minimum wage as based upon the annual non taxed gift amount. Therefore with an annual gift amount set at $15,000, and an annual part time schedule of fifty 20 hour work weeks, the minimum wage would be $15 hourly. Simply expressed Minimum wage, UBI and Annual Gift amounts are all coinciding, never decreasing, and an increase in one affects all three figures.

An increased minimum wage is a stinging slap in the face for every established employee who is suddenly faced with new hires making the same hourly wage that took them many years, even decades, to obtain.

A UBI set to start at the realistic 21 years of age is a nano flick in the face for everyone with less years behind them, but lessens the blow of the affects of increased starting wages. And the confidence of a guaranteed UBI in a few years is empowering. For one who started earning an employee wage at age thirteen, and multiple jobs at age fourteen, knowing that a Unity Building Investment would come my way would have been truly wonderful.

Annual non taxed gifts are a joy for everyone involved and are important to maintain for anyone with wealth who wishes to share with others, and for anyone who receives such a wonderful gift.

Establishing an intricately linked UBI, Minimum Wage and Annual Gift will lessen the hurts that any individual may experience, and the elegant simplicity of the formula is a form of implementational and financial bliss.


We The Pupil


Fiscal Responsibility

The simple solution already itemized above is likely enough to ensure the success of UBI. The following additional elements are based upon what the "little" minded lawmakers feel is acceptable and viable for the majority of We The People—part time, minimum wage, no benefits, no pensions. These additional measures could be enacted to realize more revenue for the Unity Building Investment and a more fiscally responsible government.

* Reduction of all governmental salaries to not exceed a part time position at minimum wage. For example, if minimum wage is set at $9 per hour then a year of 20 hour work weeks will result in an annual salary cap of $9,000. (9 dollars * 20 hours * 50 weeks). This should extend throughout all government—even hidden forms—up to the top position, which is likely the Office of President of the United States of America.

* All hourly government positions—including temp, contract and privatized—should be reduced to minimum wage.

* All government positions will have benefits and pensions eliminated.

* All retired government benefits and pensions will be eliminated.

* All privatized governmental positions and contracts will be based upon the same criteria as government positions.

* All government contracts and privatized governmental associations will be subject to the Freedom Of Information Act.

* No paid recesses or vacation days for government positions.

* All moneys received by lobbyists is placed into the UBI Fund.

* Any shut down of government by the Congress, Senate and/or Presidency will result in no reimbursement of lost wages and incur penalties upon the members of Congress, Senate and the Presidency. UBI will continue even with a shut down.


Increased Freedom with Liberty Dividend


More Here Than Meets The Eye

I encourage you to review additional revenue adjustments outlined in other articles here at We The Pupil.


(:  Remember, when you save the UBI, you save the World.  :)